Science Pub: "Ebola - outbreaks and emergency responses" mit Dr. Hendrik Huthoff

Mo 22.10.2018

19:00 Uhr

Science Pub: „Ebola – outbreaks and emergency responses“ mit Dr. Hendrik Huthoff

The years 2014 to 2016 saw the biggest ever outbreak of Ebola virus in Eastern Africa. Since then, two separate outbreaks have occurred in the Congo in 2018. This talk will cover Ebola virus and disease from its discovery in the 1970s to present day strategies for combating and containing outbreaks. Dr. Hendrik Huthoff is a virologist who worked for many years at King’s College London. He received training for diagnosis of suspected cases in crisis areas in 2016, but containment of the outbreak by that time meant that his deployment was no longer necessary. He will offer insights into outbreak responses and the experiences of colleagues who worked on the front line.

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