Mo 14.01.2019

19:00 Uhr

Science Pub: „Broken Britain and the Future of the European Project“

Science Pub: "Broken Britain and the Future of the European Project"

For our January session, natural sciences will get a little break and make room for some up to date politics:

Every day seems to bring a new an unexpected twist in the continuing political pub quiz that is Brexit. Just when you thought answers were forthcoming, backbenchers, opposition, the prime minister or protesting masses deliver another twist that leaves everybody scrambling to regroup. Remoaners, Beleavers, everybody seems to be dissatisfied by now. Helping us make sense of this messminster is Prof. Ciaran Burke, the FSU chair for international law. His talk will explore Europe’s relationship with the UK after Brexit, in light of what has gone before. Britain’s diminishing role in the world, and the question of what the European project may learn, and whether it will survive the shock, will also be discussed.

As usual, the talk will start at 8 o’clock at Café Wagner (doors open at 7 o’clock). We are looking forward to some nice discussions with you and Prof. Burke.

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