Fr 24.10.2014

22:00 Uhr

Party: Classic Hip-Hop

DJs: Illmagic & Master Shake
with SpecILL Guests
Extra Live Performance by the IlliNoise Fighting Illini
Decoration & Video by Neva Less Than Ill Crew



If You.If You.Beastie.Wanna Know.Boys.Wanna Know.The real deal about the three.Licensed to Ill. Def Jam.To the 5 Boroughs.Well let me tell you.We’re triple trouble ya’ll.We’re gonna bring you up to speed.With an Open Letter to NYC.Big L.Common.Cause I’m a specializer, rhyme reviser
Ain’t selling out to advertisers.Kutmaster Kurt.Step in The Arena.From the Battery to Manhatten.Moving the crowd, well that’s a must.If you wanna drink.Call Mr. Belvedere.Midnight Marauders.R2D2.You see I walk like Jabba The Hutt.Luke Stylewalker.With the style so new y’all be like what?Flipstar.Roses are beautiful to look at, but they’re thorny.Anfangsstadium.
Straight up shit is real and any day could be your last in the jungle.Illmatic.20 Years.Get murdered on the humble, guns’ll blast, niggaz tumble.Boyz In Da Hood.The corners is the hot spot, full of mad criminals.Who don’t care, guzzlin beers, we all stare.Menace II Society.The streets is filled with undercovers, homicide chasin brothers.New Jack Hustler.I drink a little vodka, spark a L and hold a Glock for the fronters, wannabe ill niggaz and spot runners.Respiration.Definition.Mos.Rebel of the street corner.Def.Represent Y’all, Represent!Talib.Cunnin’Moet drinkin, marijuana smokin street dweller.Linguist.Who’s always on the corner, rollin up blessed.Reim Mexikaner.Solche Abende sind ja eher spärlich gesät.The type of nigga who be pissin in your elevator.Fettes
Somehow the rap game reminds me of the crack game.Brot.Ich mein ja, ich mein nein, JEIN!One Love.Willst du mit mir gehn‘?Through the deepest part of the Hood?To my man, Big Will he’s still here.Let’s Take a Walk in here.The 40 side of Vernon.Danger Zone.My man Big L.E.S..Eazy-E.Fat Lip.Jurassic.Big Cee-Lo from the Don.Five…MC’s!Shawn Penn, the 40 busters.My crew the shorty busters.The 41st side of Vernon posse.Scenario.The Goodfellas.Electric Relaxiation.My man Cormega, Lakid Kid.Chill on Sugar Hill.Really Doe?Can’t forget Drawers, the Hillbillies
My man Slate, Wallethead.Just to Get a Rep.Black Jay, Big Oogi.Money’s growing like grass with the Mass Appeal.Crazy barrio spot (Big Dove).I Hate those motherfuckin‘ posers.We rock shit, Ph.D
And my man Primo, from GangStarr.The Ninety’s will be a decade…of a Jazz Thing!
Ninety-four real shit y’all.With theese are the words that i Manifest.Nur ein Teil der Kultur!

Eintritt: vor 23 Uhr: 4,- / Danach: 6,-