Music for Eleven Instruments

Do 30.11.2017

20:00 Uhr

Music for Eleven Instruments

Ob es wirklich durchgängig elf Instrumente sind, die der aus Italien stammende Komponist Salvatore Sultano auf seinen inzwischen zwei Alben alleine einspielt? Kommt wahrscheinlich hin, gezählt hat wohl noch niemand. Ob nun imaginär oder tatsächlich, der orchestrale Eindruck des Indie-Pop-Projekts ist allgegenwärtig und verleiht den unbekümmerten Popmelodien ordentliche Tiefe. Musik für verzauberte Momente wäre auch ein passender Projektname gewesen. Wenn Mastermind Sultano bloß nicht ganze sechs Jahre zum Einspielen aller elf Instrumente bräuchte! (Westzeit)

This is a story of shadows and artificial lights, a history of unborn creatures and enchanted carousels, a story of six-legged dogs that breathe fire and of a warden, in the form of fish-bird, in search of a bridge suspended in the air. This is the story of Moonshine Park, the universe which hides reason and that creates fantastic illusions and false hopes. After a musical hiatus the “imaginary” orchestra, Music For Eleven Instruments, returns to revive their music with the new album „At The Moonshine Park With An Imaginary Orchestra.“ A disc recorded in the Catania area, jumping from house to house, from room to room, from a brass quartet in Belpasso to a grand piano in a rented house, from recording the drums and percussion in the studio to the rooms which reverberate with the string quartet. It is music with a strong orchestral approach which elegantly combines brass and strings, electronics and catchy rhythms, evocative melodies that glide between the phrasing of the piano, the sweet shrill notes of the glockenspiel, springtime sounds which are interwoven with more shadowy atmospheres. Moonshine Park is the place where Music For Eleven Instruments is reborn and rebuilt, where they matured their pop opus and the orchestra’s name takes origin, as if to indicate the point where it is located; the refuge in which they invite their thoughts to take shape and to paint the canvas on which the orchestra will play.

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