So 29.05.2016

20:00 Uhr

Konzert: La Trola (Mex.)

The great lie of the Divine Comedy, the fire of the burner to light the cigar, the one
which perverts the chaste ears, the song with the legs arched of walking travelling…
They are some of the meanings of this mexican rock band which members, a fishful
of good friends, create with a simple and effective mix of sounds from the classic
rock&roll to the mariachi punk, with a little seasoning of the powerful voice of his lead
singer and song writer Carcará, an amateur mexican enmascarado wrestler.
La Trola are carnales who don ́t remember if they found each others in the urban
streets, singing for some coins in a bus, during a lucha libre show or in the last peda
looking for some memories to make a song, when the today never comes.
During the last six years La Trola have been playing a bunch of songs that show and
do chronicle of the cultural condition of the mexican youth for the last generations,
about the academic or working-class limbo they have to confront every day and the
widespread and daily violence of the big cities of Mexico.
La Trola born in a urban context where the different ways of life collide every day; the
workers of the third shift of the armadora of german cars meets the saleswomen of
garnachas in the dawn, sexual workers and drug dealers looking for a mutual clients,
the all-corner street stands of tamales waiting for the hungry doctors of the hospital
and thousands of unemployed people up and down to the colectivos: selling, singing,
acting or stealing. La Trola approaches these topics in a natural and critical way, the
music has fused with the urban and social landscape, attacks and makes evident the
cynicism of the public workers who use the power that the people give them for their
own benefit; extracting, abusing and disappearing whom dares to question el sistema.
The music of La Trola not only try to represent any minority but also walks together
with la banda, the unemployed ones, the workers, the single mothers, the drunkard,
the junkie, every ones who it does not represent any political party and any
government, the generation of yesterday and today frustrated for not have changed
anything and the social fight turns into mere nostalgia.
La Trola is urban-street-home band that connects the social dissent with the social
apathy, is poetry and colloquial language, is Mexican rocanrol but simultaneously for
no one place.

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