Do 13.11.2014

20:00 Uhr

Jazzmeile Thüringen LIVE: JAZZ PO POLSKU – Begegnungen im Weimarer Dreieck

anschließend Konzert mit dem   SZYMON ŁUKOWSKI Quintett

Marcin Gawdzis – Trompete, Flügelhorn
Szymon Łukowski – Saxophon, Klarinette
Dominik Bukowski – Vibraphon
Maciej Sadowski – Bass
Sławomir Koryzno – Percusion



Szymon Łukowski Quintet is a brand new project of young saxophonist, composer and arranger
affiliated with Polish Gdańsk and Bydgoszcz musical community. Until today he was known basically
of his participation with such bands as: Eljazz Big Band and Around Jazz Quintet where he worked
as a sideman.
Szymon Łukowski, first time performing as a leader, composer and arranger, has assembled a set of original compositions which have been recorded by notable jazz artists based in Gdańsk. The band, started in November 2012 consists of: Marcin Gawdzis /trumpet, fluegelhorn/, Dominik Bukowski /vibraphone/, Maciej Sadowski /double bass/, Sławomir Koryzno /drums/ and leader playing tenor and soprano saxophones.
The style of the band focuses on the jazz mainstream, drawing from the classic artists’ achievements such as George Coleman, Woody Shaw and Bill Evans, at the same time not avoiding the modern melodies,polyrhythms and extended tonality. The thing which makes the bands‘ sound so unique is the fact that the role of harmonic instrument is devoted to vibraphone. Along with the classic trumpet and tenor saxophone sound,the vibraphone refreshes the formula of classical jazz quintet and has opened new sound spaces, impossible to achieve in the case of using the piano as a harmonic instrument. An unconventional, modern arranged forms,dialoguing instruments and parts of collective improvisation performed by all members of a band – all these ingredients makes a kind of exceptional mixture where there is a strong overlap between tradition with novelty,improvisation with accurate arrangement and lyricism with dynamism.

SZYMON ŁUKOWSKI – saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, arranger, bandleader. Scholar of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2011. Graduate of the Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz in the clarinet class of A. Dudziński and saxophone class of M. Sikała. Winner of the awards: Award for the Best Instrumentalist on XVI Young Jazz and Blues Bands Review of Gdynia Sax Club (2013), Award for the Best Instrumentalist – XIII Big Band Festival in Nowy Tomyśl (2008) and 2nd Award of Student Jazz Festival in Bydgoszcz, together with Walking Quartet Group.
Currently, he works with the following bands: Piotr Lemańczyk Quartet North, Daniel Nosewicz Quintet, Michał Gozdek/ Szymon Łukowski duo. He performed with great jazz artists like: Cezary Paciorek, Piotr Lemańczyk, Tyler Hornby, JerzyMałek among any others.

MARCIN GAWDZIS – trumpeter, composer, arranger. Graduate of Department of Jazz and Popular Music in Academy of Music in Katowice. Since 2003 he works as a lecturer in Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. He cooperates with Eryk Kulm’s Quintessence, New Presentation, Lora Szafran, Józef Eljasz Big Band, Mariusz Lubomski, Ireneusz Dudek, Dominik Bukowski, Tomek Sowiński, Piotr Lemańczyk, Zbigniew Wrombel, Bogdan Hołownia, Maciej Sikała, Karol Szymanowski.
Winner of many awards: 1st place and individual distinction in Jazz Juniors 1993, 4th place on International Competition for Jazz Improvisation in Katowice 1994, 1st place on Jazz Juniors 1995, the award for the Best Instrumentalist on National Festival Jazz-Rock in Olsztyn 2003.

DOMINIK BUKOWSKI – vibraphonist, composer, arranger. Graduate of Academy of Music in Katowice at the Department of Jazz and Popular Music. The winner of individual distinction at National Jazz Bands Review in Gdynia (1999) and the winner of Bielska Zadymka Jazowa 2002. He cooperated and recorder with such musicians as: Tim Hagans, Brian Melvin, Janusz Muniak, Leszek Możdżer, Piotr Wojtasik, Maciej Sikała and others. He played concerts in the majority of
European countries.

MACIEJ SADOWSKI – double bass player, composer, arranger, session musician; graduate of Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk. Versatile musician easily adapting to each style. Works with the following projects:Klezmoret, Milonga Baltica, Sekstans (1st place in National Competition “Young Best Jazz”; distinction on XV National Young Jazz and Blues Bands Review of Gdynia’s SAXCLUB). He is an active performer of Gdańsk jazz scene.

SŁAWOMIR KORYZNO – drummer, composer, arranger; Winner of both national and international competitions, such as: European Jazz Contest, National Young Jazz and Blues Bands Review of Gdynia’s SaxClub, RCK Kołobrzeg,Student Jazz Festival in Bydgoszcz, School&Jazz Festival in Lubaczów, Big Band Festival in Nowy Tomyśl, Swingin’ Saxonia in Dresden. He cooperated with such musicians as: Marcin Gawdzis, Tomek Sowiński, Adam Żuchowski, Cezary Paciorek,Maciej Sikała, Maciej Grzywacz, Piotr Lemańczyk. Currently, he works with the following bands:
AlgoRhythm, Inner Out, Kamil Piotrowicz Quintet, among many others.

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