Sa 28.01.2017

18:00 Uhr

„Break Deportation“: Soli-Konzert, Party & Podiumsdiskussion

Podiumsdiskussion ab 18 Uhr — Konzert / Partyveranstaltung ab 21 Uhr

Panel Discussion at 6PM — Concert / Party Event at 9 PM



Schwabinggrad Ballet / ARRiVATI [Performance // Agitprop] [Hamburg]
System D [Reggae // Dub] [Leipzig / Rabat (Morroco)]

Elfaux [Trap // HipHop] [Dresden]
Illmagic presenta La Radio Clandestina [Fusion // Patchanka // HipHop]

Schwabinggrad Ballett

„Das Schwabinggrad Ballett ist ein aus einem Hamburger Debattierzirkel namens Buttclub hervorgegangenes mobiles Einsatzkommando von MusikerInnen und NichtmusikerInnen, PolitaktivistInnen und KünstlerInnen. Eine Kapelle für antizyklische Umzüge zur Unterstützung umstürzlerischer Aktivitäten.“

„The Schwabinggrad Ballett is a mobile operational command of musicians, non-musicians, political activists and artists emerged out of a Hamburgian debate club with the name of Buttclub. A Band made for anti-cyclical processions in support of revolting activities.“

The Arrivati

„Who are we?
In the first place we don’t like to be called refugees! We no longer want to be called migrants!
The Arrivati is an autonomous collective of border crossers. We are resident status grabbers, We are defenders of free movement,We are Cultural Invaders, We rock the boat, We are considered endangered species, We survive by any means neccesary, We learn other languages, We infiltrate and multiply, We are outsiders, We are Insiders, We fight back, We are artists and activists, children and adults. We talk back. We working together to create a society where diverse people live with dignity, with equal rights. We participate fully. We collaborate and work with other allies, solidarity groups and collectives from the community. We are here and we will remain here until WE DECIDE to go away

What we do:
We organise lectures, workshops for adults and children of all ages
We organise activities and events which encourage cross cultural dialogue
We make information available to new arrivals and arrange practical support in emergency situations.
We network and collaborate with other allies and various solidarity groups“

System D

„Found in 2008, originally from Morocco; System D Earned a reputation as the leading light of the Moroccan Reggae.
Combining Production, creation and live to spread the conscious message in the music far and wide,
Roots and Dub music, System D a crossing borders musical expersience, challanging the opression, political situation, borders control. Reggae is not dead.“


A special set and musical combination called the „Radio Clandestina“ presents the Jena based Illmagic on this night. Conscious and Hardcore Rap as well as Crossover/Rap Metal Classics of the angry and golden late 80’s and 90’s HipHop era gettin‘ combined with the Political, Dancin‘ and Dreamin‘ Feelings of Patchanka and Fusion Music with Artists like Mano Negra / Manu Chao, Calle13, La Raiz, Babylon Circus, Talco, Irie Révoltés, La Pegatina or Panteon Rococo.
Anger is a Gift.
Todos Las Dias Sale El Sol.



“ ‚Cause our people still dwell in hell
Locked in a cell
Yes, the structure’s a cell
Mad is the story I tell
How long can we wait?
Come on, seein‘ what’s at stake
Action for reaction“ [Township Rebellion // RATM]


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