Bleib Modern | Live in Jena

Mo 26.03.2018

20:00 Uhr

Bleib Modern | Live in Jena

There is no repose from the cathartic sounds from Bleib Modern – sounds that dredge up the darkest recesses of the heart with their ceaseless explorations around the personal and emotive responses to life.
Throbbing bass lines lead the onslaught of hypnotic reverb, penetrating riffs, mechanical drumming and visceral vocals that expose the very bones of emotion or lack thereof. Founded by Philipp Läufer in 2014 as a solo project, it wasn’t until after 2015 when Vinz, Peter, Leo and Tommy joined.
With their fourth album set to take off in 2018 Bleib Modern has toured heavily across Europe and Scandinavia.

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